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How Growyo Boosted Call Connects by 3X

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Growyo is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in lead generation, website creation, and SEO. As a company dedicated to helping businesses grow, they understand the importance of effective communication and prospect outreach. That's why they turned to Symbo to help them streamline their sales process and increase their connect rates.

"Symbo is the best!! I've already closed way more deals with it. It gives me another chance to pitch someone when they don't answer my other number because they recognize it and they are busy or something. So when I call with local presence dialing they answer and I'll get a hard no or just sign them up right there. It saves me tons of time with follow up at the end of my sales cycle."

Zack Powell


Growyo, like many businesses, faced challenges when it came to connecting with prospects over the phone and knew that they could close more deals if they could boost their connect rates. Their sales team struggled to reach prospects on the phone and often had to spend hours following up with leads before they could move a deal forward or close it out.

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Boost call connect rates

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a voicemail after a prospect submitted their contact info.

Eliminate wasted time

Reps spend a ton of time placing follow up calls and drafting emails due to low connect rates.

Clean up sales pipeline

Prospect communication can get overwhelming quickly when there is no clean way to organize activity.

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To help them achieve their goals, Growyo turned to Symbo for a powerful set of tools to streamline their outreach efforts and increase their connect rates. With Symbo Growyo was able to:

1) Connect with more prospects on the initial call

Growyo's sales team is using Symbo's sales dialer with local presence calling. This feature allows them to display a local number when calling prospects, which helps increase their connect rates. With Symbo's local presence dialing, Growyo's sales reps are able to reach more prospects and have more meaningful conversations.

2) Save time dialing numbers with one-click-dialing

In addition to local presence calling, their team is also using Symbo's chrome extension to click-to-call from websites. This feature allows them to quickly and easily call prospects they find online without having to manually dial the number. With Symbo's chrome extension, Growyo's sales reps are able to save time and streamline their outreach efforts.

3) Track call outcomes to streamline their pipeline

With Symbo's call tracking features, Growyo can easily track and analyze their call outcomes to streamline their sales pipeline. This allows them to identify any bottlenecks and areas for improvement, as well as to prioritize their follow-ups based on the stage of the pipeline a prospect is in. With this visibility into their pipeline, Growyo can make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales process and maximize their results.

Growyo's Favorite Features

Local Presence Dialing

Increase connect rates with phone numbers that match the prospect's location.

Call Insights

Get real-time data on call metrics, such as call duration, call outcome, sentiment, and talk time.

Record & Transcribe

Automatically record and transcribe calls for coaching, training, and compliance purposes.

Call Outcomes

Log call outcomes and notes to streamline your sales process and make data-driven decisions.


Place calls directly from your browser with the click of a button.

Team Analytics

Get insights into team performance with call analytics and dashboards.


Growyo has been able to effectively leverage Symbo's suite of tools to drive growth for their business. With the help of Symbo's call tracking, local presence dialing, and click-to-call features, they have been able to increase their connect rates, streamline their sales pipeline, and close more deals.

Higher call connect rates

Zach's team was able to increase their connect rates 300% by using local presence dialing to automatically match their rep's outbound caller id to the location of the prospect they are calling.

Streamlined dialing experience

Using Symbo's Google Chrome dialer extension, Growyo is able to save time dialing numbers: leading to a 2x increase in the number of dials they were making before.

Increased closed deals and productivity

By increasing connect rates and reducing the number of follow up calls they need to make to prospects, the Growyo team is closing more deals.

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