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How TruckBook Increased Their Closed Deals by 230%

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TruckBook is an AI-powered platform that provides trucking businesses with reliable and cost-efficient freight shipping and management solutions while reducing deadhead miles. The company was facing a challenge of reaching more potential clients and increasing their close percentage with new clients. That’s when Jonas, their Enterprise Sales Director, came across Symbo and started using Symbo Sequences, a powerful tool that helps sales and marketing teams to connect with prospects in a more effective way.

"Symbo has been a great tool for our team! We've been able to reach more potential clients on a consistent basis. Using Symbo Sequences, I have increased my close percentage with new clients. I would totally recommend this product to any sales or marketing team!"

Jonas Baker
Enterprise Sales Director


TruckBook needed a consistent and repeatable sales process that would help them reach more potential clients and close more deals. They also wanted to log all their sales activity in Salesforce so that they could show their investors their progress without spending a lot of time on manual data entry. Additionally, they needed a multi-channel outreach solution that would help them engage with prospects through email, phone calls, and LinkedIn outreach.

Next Best Actions tab in the Symbo app, prioritizing what activity should be completed next, phone call, automated email, and LinkedIn messageWork calendar silhouette

Remove Guesswork

Without a consistent sales process, reps guess at the best time to follow up with prospects.

Eliminate Wasted Time

Reps waste hours on data entry when they should be spending more time prospecting and closing deals.

Reach Out More

App switching to place calls, send emails, and complete tasks is distracting, leading to less outreach.

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TruckBook turned to Symbo Sequences to help them accelerate their sales efforts. With Symbo, TruckBook was able to:

1) Create a consistent and repeatable sales process

Symbo Sequences provided TruckBook with a way to build a sales process that is consistent and repeatable. The tool helps their sales team follow a structured sales process, which includes automated and manual outreach, follow-ups, and reminders. This helps them to stay on top of their sales activities and close more deals.

2) Automatically log all rep activity into Salesforce

Symbo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing TruckBook to log all their sales activity in one place. This helps them keep track of their progress, measure their performance, and show their investors their sales activity without spending a lot of time on manual data entry.

3) Complete multi-channel action effortlessly

Symbo Action Flows allows TruckBook to streamline their multi-channel outreach and engage with prospects through auto/manual emails, calls, and LinkedIn outreach. By leveraging multi-channel Action Flows, TruckBook is able to increase their response rates and have more meaningful conversations with prospects.

TruckBook's Favorite Features


Templated multi-channel outreach playbooks to structure your sales process.


Track each email’s open, click, and reply rates to know which prospects are the most engaged.

Auto Email Follow-up

Eliminate work that requires less personalization with templated auto email follow-up.

Action Flow

Complete your activities in a flow state that eliminates distractions and helps you get more done.

Salesforce Icon

Salesforce Integration

Bi-directional contact data sync and auto-log prospecting activity to Salesforce.

AI Email Generation

Write cold emails in one-click using your pain statements and value propositions.


Symbo proves to be a great tool for TruckBook’s sales and marketing team. It helps them to achieve a consistent and repeatable sales process, log all their sales activity in Salesforce, conduct multi-channel outreach to engage with prospects in a more meaningful way, and ultimately increase their closed deals and productivity.

Jonas at TruckBook highly recommends Symbo Sequences to any sales or marketing team looking to improve their sales process, increase their productivity, and close more deals.

Standardized sales process

Symbo Sequences helps TruckBook create a standardized sales process. They are able to analyze the effectiveness of their sequences to continuously improve their process.

Auto-log sales activity

Symbo's native Salesforce integration, allows TruckBook to auto-log their sales activities to easily track their progress and show their investors team performance without wasting time.

Increased closed deals and productivity

Jonas's team was able to increase their closed deals by 230% and double their productivity using Symbo Sequences. This has allowed his team to achieve their sales targets and exceed their revenue goals.

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