Symbo helps reps maintain velocity with their prospects and understand the effectiveness of their engagement by streamlining workflow and reporting.

Symbo's Analytics dashboardSales Drive timeline with calling, manual and automated emailing, and social touches.

All-in-one Engagement Platform

Streamline your workflow by connecting your email, phone, CRM, and calendar. Save time using in-app dialer and email functionality that will automatically log engagement into your CRM. Utilize Symbo Sequences to automate outreach steps and bridge the gaps between sales stages.


Send one-off, automated, or manual emails by connecting your Gmail, Outlook, or any other email account.

Personalized Video

Create and send personalized videos to prospects in your emails without leaving the prospect record.


Series of steps consisting of automated/manual emails, phone calls, social touches, and tasks.


Connect you phone number for one-click calling and local presence dialing.

CRM Sync

Bi-directional sync maintains data consistency with your CRM while logging emails, calls, and activity.

Calendar Events

Send personalized calendar invites displaying the best available times for you and your prospect.


Maintain Sales Velocity

Guide prospects through your sales process without losing momentum. By linking your Sequences with Outcome Triggers, you can automate next steps like calendar invites or follow up sequences. Next-Best Actions help you maintain contact with prospects that are most likely to convert.

Next Best Actions tab in the Symbo app, prioritizing what activity should be completed next, phone call, automated email, and LinkedIn messageWork calendar silhouette

Trigger Next Steps

Use Outcome Triggers to connect sequences together and to automatically move a prospect to the next step.

Calendar Drives

Steps you through pre-meeting activities, calendar event, and post-meeting activities for a prospect.

Next-Best Actions

Prioritize daily tasks based timing, engagement levels, and previous success to make the most of a day.

A leaderboard showing the top 3 sales repsA graph showing a Company's revenue growth

Optimize Sales Team Performance

Track individual and team performance to understand what works and what doesn’t. Use performance metrics to implement best practices and optimize your team’s effectiveness.

A/B Testing

Test email templates and Sequences side-by-side to constantly improve your outreach.


Track each email’s open, click, and reply rates to know which prospects are the most engaged.

Call Analytics

Measure call talk time ratio, rep/prospect sentiment, and call outcomes.

User Stats

Understand how your top producers are working and compare them to the rest of your team.

Sequence Outcomes

Measure Sequence effectiveness and how prospects are responding to your messaging.


Record and transcribe calls automatically while abiding by local regulations.

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