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Symbo's Analytics dashboardSales Drive timeline with calling, manual and automated emailing, and social touches.
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How it works

Symbo keeps it simple

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Drive prospects through series of steps to move the sales process forward, consisting of automated and manual emails, calls, video, social touches, and tasks.

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Plug the leaks in your pipeline and maintain sales velocity at scale by automating both next steps and record keeping.

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Optimize your sales team performance through A/B testing and metrics that track email effectiveness, call talk time, and sequence outcomes.

Who it helps

Symbo helps sales teams prospect more efficiently

Sales Leader

Use Symbo to keep your team aligned, scale your sales org, and create/follow a strategy that can predict revenue.

Symbo's Analytics dashboard for a sales leaderA graph showing a Company's revenue growth

Sales Manager

Know that your reps are completing enough activities to hit their numbers and manage the quality of their engagement. Replicate the actions of your top performers across your team and consistently exceed your goals.

A leaderboard showing the top 3 sales repsA pie graph showing activity engagement levels of the sales reps


Manage your day from a single app. Complete prospecting activities and manage your pipeline while all of your activity automatically syncs to your CRM.

Next Best Actions tab in the Symbo app, prioritizing what activity should be completed next, phone call, automated email, and LinkedIn message

Account Executive

Keep your deals moving forward by automating the manual tasks that hold them back. Manage meetings and prospecting activities while notes automatically flow to your CRM.

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Essential sales features

A single pane of glass for all of your prospecting activity.


Multichannel engagement plans to connect with your prospects.

Email Automation

Send personalized emails and automate follow up.


Track team performance and improve your outreach.


Connect with prospects, record calls, and view call insights.

A/B Testing

Test email variations to compare reply rates.


Integrate with email, CRM, and meeting apps.

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