Zeroed out

Having no remaining balance.

What is Zeroed Out?

In a sales context, "zeroed-out" typically refers to a situation in which the total amount of a customer's order or purchase is equal to zero. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as if a customer cancels their order or if the items they have chosen to purchase are out of stock or unavailable.

In some cases, "zeroed-out" may also refer to a situation in which a customer has returned all of the items they purchased, resulting in a refund of the full purchase price. In this case, the customer's account may be "zeroed-out" or credited back to the original payment method used.

In general, "zeroed-out" is used to describe a situation in which there is no remaining balance or outstanding amount due for an order or purchase. It may also refer to a situation in which a customer's account or order has been fully settled or resolved.

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