Any Email Provider

Automate your email messaging with Symbo using IMAP/SMTP. Track email effectiveness with analytics that measure replies, opens, and clicks.

About IMAP/SMTP Integration

The Symbo-IMAP/SMTP integration, allows you to receive, send, and draft manual or automated emails from your Symbo account. Track the open, click, and reply rate for a specific email and save the most effective emails as templates. Some IMAP/SMTP integration features include:

  • Merge tags; for faster drafting and sending
  • Email throttling; to maintain domain credibility
  • Auto pause; upon a reply automatically pausing Drive
  • Sync related emails from email inbox to CRM


  1. Sign into your Symbo account
  2. On the left hand side click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "Connections" then "Email Connection" drop down
  4. Click "Connect" which will then reroute you to another Symbo page
  5. Type in your email address then select "Other" under email provider
  6. Type in IMAP/SMTP settings given by your email provider then click "Sign In"